Prologue (?)

Hey, everyone.

So I suppose I should begin by introducing myself, seeing as to how this article is for that only.

I’m Susannah Fields, and I’m 18 years old. I just graduated high school and let me say how excited I am to have started this blog. I have always wanted to share this love I have for reading and studying and cleaning my things. So that’s what I am going to be doing with this blog.

As you may have known from the name of this blog, it’s going to be all about books, study, and such stuff. I have always wanted to do a blog to share my love for books, and all such related things like- studying, organization etc. At first, though, I thought about creating a YouTube channel and start putting up my own videos. But then again, I’m not bold enough nor do I have the necessary electronics to do that.

Getting on with the article, I should probably say what I am going to be posting on here. So far, I’ve decided on study tips and tricks, book recommendations and organization hacks. Of course, you’re all welcome to post any suggestions if you wish, and if they help me make this blog better, I’ll definitely try to incorporate them.

Anyways, God knows I never go through introductions, so I’ll just keep this article short and simple.


You can all contact me at:


Twitter: susannah_fields

Instagram: @pretty_little_bibliophile


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