Being Susannah

What are the perks of being Nayanika?

Alright. Let’s see.

  1. You get awesome friends who make your life so much better and surviving high school a lot easier.
  2. You get amazing, open-minded, parents.
  3. You also get like, gazillions of people who are very judgemental of the fact that you hang out with guys, mostly.
  4. You get an amazing little brother, whom you love to death, even though he’s a pain in the ass most of the time.
  5. You get a wonderful best friend who’s been there for you for as long as you can remember! Kudos to a more-than-decade long friendship!
  6. You get to be taller than average girls.
  7. You get to have a nickname starting with ‘R’ just as all the girls in the family.
  8. You get to have an amazingly large, funny, puzzling, mind-blowingly awesome extended family that you love to bits.
  9. You don’t click selfies. Like, ever.
  10. You sing and dance 24X7 even though you can’t do either of both properly.
  11. Although you are a fully trained Sattriya dancer, with a diploma under your belt.
  12. You have a skin-hill on your right middle finger.
  13. You love applying nail-varnishes even though you are too lazy to do such stuff.
  14. Your hair looks different every day, and it literally takes around 24 hours to air dry.
  15. You like to keep your wardrobe fanatically clean and organised.
  16. The same goes for your vanity table. You’re stylish 😉
  17. You think that your huge book shelf is the centre of focus in your room.
  18. You LOVE EATINGGGGGG and are very grateful that you don’t need to work out much to shed off those extra calories you had for lunch that day. Thank God for inheriting very good metabolism!
  19. You are narcissistic at times. Okay, most of the time.
  20. You’re short-tempered.
  21. You’re not proud of the fact that you are narcissistic and short-tempered.
  22. You don’t like red roses.
  23. You’re scared of butterflies, and dogs. And pretty much all animals, and creepy-crawlies.
  24. You absolutely love reading, travelling and cooking.
  25. Your favourite sport is badminton, swimming, and running track.
  26. You work out every day.
  27. You like writing. You fall asleep planning what happens next.
  28. You love VS Angels. Duh!
  29. You love Biology, Literature and History.
  30. Your favourite number is 33. It’s your lucky number.
  31. You wait for the weekend all week, and then on Sunday night, are very eager to go to school the next day.
  32. Your sleep routine is very adjustable. You can live through your normal school day with just one hour of sleep powering you. And you love to sleep in the afternoons.
  33. You love Bryan Adams, Halsey, Taylor Swift, Adele, John Mayer, Lana Del Ray, Ed Sheeran, The Script, The Chainsmokers, Kodaline, Adam Levine, George Michael, Jana Kramer, MIIA, Sara Bareilles, Zayn Malik, and many many many more!
  34. You are in love with Brandon Maxfield, who is ten years your senior!
  35. You probably have an OCD. Although you’ve not had yourself diagnosed yet.
  36. Also, ADHD might be an undiagnosed case too.
  37. You can’t drive. Although your Dad is willing, you still haven’t found the appropriate time.
  38. You love eating Dairy Milk chocolates and Real Apple juice. A guilty pleasure for all the different sort of cravings.
  39. There is always a book on your bedside table, along with your water and vitamins.
  40. Your heart skips a beat everytime you go out on your own.
  41. You think up a lot of scenarios- most of which are very impractical!

That’s all I have come up with right now, and maybe I’ll do an updated version later on! Have a great day everyone!


A trip to the Abode of Clouds

It is almost a custom in my family to travel to the beautiful hill station in our neighboring state, every summer. And so, it was no surprise when my father told us to pack our bags for the trip we would undertake the next day.

Meghalaya is one of the eight states that make up the Northeast- the easternmost region of India. The capital, Shillong is merely at a distance of a 100 km, and takes around 3 hours by car, from Guwahati, the main city of Assam.


So we packed our bags, and loaded the car, and were off by 8 on the morning of the 13th of July, 2017. There wasn’t much traffic, lucky for us, considering it was a weekday, and we reached our destination- the Hotel Poinisuk, at around 11.50-12 noon. I’d like to add that the services we were provided were wonderful, at a reasonable price and would definitely recommend it to everyone. Whether you will get a room or not, is, unfortunately, indecisive; it is a very popular hotel with great patrons that return every summer to escape the sweltering heat of the plains. The hotel is located on the Laitumkrah main road, and very easily located on Google Maps. It also has an in-house bar and rooftop garden, both of which have regular patrons.

There are a number of restaurants located nearby and we had our lunch at Appa’s which provided wonderful North-Indian as well as South-Indian dishes. Definitely a must-visit for foodies!

Any trip to Shillong will be considered unfulfilled if you do not visit the Police Bazar. It can be said to be pretty much the centre-point and had a wide variety of shops that cater to your needs. Also, a must visit for all fashionistas, or if you want to buy souvenirs for your folks back home. However, I would advise you to use “Hotel Centrepoint” as the destination if you’re using Google Maps. It will lead you to the huge roundabout that further is the conjoining of 7 roads!

So, yeah, do visit the police bazaar, and shop till you drop. And when you’re tired with sore legs and aching muscles and wish to sit down for a while, walk to the Ward’s Lake, which is just a stone’s throw from Police Bazar. If you are lucky, you will see the wonderful cherry blossoms, especially in the winters. Unfortunately, yours truly has never laid an eye upon a cherry blossom, ever! Buy “Muri” from the vendors outside the park, and then, throw these from the white picket-fenced bridge over the lake. The school of fish will totally overwhelm you. I do this every year and I still get surprised to see these he fish!!! You can also opt for boating. And dear selfie addicts and nature photographers, you’ll love the place.

We stopped at the hotel next, where we took a much-needed rest and then in the evening, I went out for a casual stroll with Dad. It was beautiful, to be honest. The air is cool and there’s a breeze and you can smell the chicken being fried somewhere nearby, and the nuts and the fruits and it’s all a foodgasm. Do try the masala pineapple and the masala plums. You won’t regret it! It isn’t all that cold in the evenings, however, some people (like me) would definitely prefer a light cardigan or a shawl.

We had dinner that evening at a local restaurant called Roots, which was located at a walking distance from our hotel. The interiors were very traditionally decorated and beautifully crafted glass bottles were on sale, although I didn’t buy any.

Utterly spent and with bloated stomachs, we went back to our rooms and slept. And my, what a wonderful sleep it was. The bed was wonderfully soft and I sank in as soon as I laid down under the blanket.

And thus ended the first day in town, with amazing food, and an even more enjoyable company of my famliy.