Letters to my Son, Saravana Kumar Murugan, 2018


Letters to my son is a love story and a story of love. It is a beautiful piece of literature that has portrayed how love heals all wounds and how, in our everyday life with its busy and hectic overtures, love is the one thing that binds us all to the people in our lives- who in turn keep us sane and happy. It explains how love can change the way people look at things- their perspectives and it’s power to heal even the deepest of wounds resulting from tragic loses. As we will see in the book.

(Check out this interview I did with the author- An Interview with Mr. Saravana Kumar Murugan (author of the bestselling Coffe Date) on his new heartwarming book- Letters to my Son )

This book is a story mainly focusing on the relationship we have with our parents and how these relationships affect us in our day to day lives. We see a widower Aarav, an optimistic man who after the tragic death of his dear wife, has taken the sole responsibility for his son Nirav. His abundant love and attention have helped shape Nirav into a wonderful young man and their bond is a beautiful one. We are also introduced to Mirnalini or Miru as she is fondly called, a vivacious young girl, in love with Nirav.

This novel has brilliantly portrayed the epistolary form of writing in the so-called “Letters to my Son” which have been written by Aarav for his dear son Nirav, on various occasions over the years. It is also a bildungsroman in the sense that we see the mental and emotional changes in Nirav as well as Mirnalini as they initially grow up in India and then go to the USA to pursue their higher education, without any chaperones.

It is truly a beautiful story and I felt that it could have been longer but then again, it is not a novel, rather a short story. And thus, for that, I give it a 4 out of 5 stars. It also features some very beautiful pieces of poetry as our protagonist Nirav is nothing short of a poet himself. Here is one such piece of poetry by Nirav:

In a non-smoker’s ashtray,

I burnt in a way,

Sent up fumes of grey,

Like love’s prey.

 We’d fight a lot,

More than we ever fought,

Still the love knot,

Never let us rot.



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